Pre-order Art Electric on iTunes

You can now pre-order your digital copy of ART ELECTRIC through iTunes Canada!


Pre-order the ART ELECTRIC LP

You can now pre-order the ART ELECTRIC LP through Black Numbers right here!



1. Dave Grohl
2. Hold On, Marci
3. Roadworn Heart
4. Connecticut
5. Runaway
6. Heroes
7. Promises
8. Hurricane Song
9. Lighthouse
10. Postcards & Golden Lovers
11. It Had To Be You
12. Basement Remedy

Listen to “Heroes” off ART ELECTRIC on Alternative Press

You can listen to the first song from ART ELECTRIC, “Heroes”, on the Alternative Press website!


We’re also going on tour around Quebec and Ontario during the month of May and June to promote our new album!

Tour Poster Art Electric

New Album ART ELECTRIC is Coming Out on May 13th!

We are really proud to announce that our new album ART ELECTRIC will be released on May 13th through Stomp Records, Black Numbers & Flix Records.

Nous sommes vraiment fiers de vous annoncer que notre nouvel album ART ELECTRIC sortira le 13 mai sur Stomp Records, Black Numbers et Flix Records.

MD, NY, NJ, PA Tour with Placeholder


We’re on tour for the next days with Placeholder from Harrisburg, PA.

Nov. 22 – Hostage House, College Park, MD

Nov. 23 – Matchless Bar, Brooklyn, NY

Nov. 24 – Banana Stand, New Brunswick, NJ

Nov. 25 – Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA

Nov. 26 – Mr. Roboto Proj., Pittsburgh, PA

Nov. 27 – House Show, Lancaster, PA

“01/01/11” Music Video

Demain nous partagerons la scène avec Bad Religion au Festival d’été de Québec pour ce qui s’annonce être le plus gros show de notre vie. On veut donc en profiter pour remercier tout le monde qui nous supporte et qui nous suit. Voici une petite surprise pour vous!

Tomorrow is gonna be our biggest show ever, opening for Bad Religion at FEQ. We want to thank everyone who supports us… here’s a surprise for you!

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