“01/01/11” Music Video

Demain nous partagerons la scène avec Bad Religion au Festival d’été de Québec pour ce qui s’annonce être le plus gros show de notre vie. On veut donc en profiter pour remercier tout le monde qui nous supporte et qui nous suit. Voici une petite surprise pour vous!

Tomorrow is gonna be our biggest show ever, opening for Bad Religion at FEQ. We want to thank everyone who supports us… here’s a surprise for you!

Get “Promises” with a download code

If you bought a download code from us during the European Tour, here’s the address to download your copy of Promises via Bandcamp: thehuntersmusic.com/download.

Once again, sorry for not having the physical version available when you came out to the show.

If you encounter any problem, please send an email to hugo@thehuntersmusic.com

Visions Mag (Germany): Extended Hunting Grounds

Visions, Germany’s largest independent magazine published an article about our upcoming European Tour.

We’re not yet fluent German speakers, so we had to use Google Translate to try and understand what it’s all about.

Roughly, this is what the text says:

The Hunters have been known until now really only in their native Canada. It’s likely to change in March.

In Canada, The Hunters were already playing with Anti-Flag, Propagandhi and The Flatliners on tour. The band from Quebec can also stand on their own feet and they want to prove it this March.

The melodic punk band packed their suitcases and are coming on a three-week European tour. In addition to shows in the Czech Republic and France, The Hunters will be there for some shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well.

European folks, if you come to our shows next month, please help us learn you language, we’d be pleased!

March 01, 2013: Amstetten, Austria @ Juz
March 02, 2013: Vienna, Austria @ Venster 99 (RSVP)
March 03, 2013: Holesov, Czech Republic @ Klub Wats (RSVP)
March 04, 2013: Brandys Nad Labem, Czech Republic @ Sallon Bar
March 05, 2013: Prag, Czech Republic @ Cross Club
March 06, 2013: Nürnberg, Germany @ Bela Lugosi (RSVP)
March 07, 2013: Aulendorf, Germany @ Irreal (RSVP)
March 08, 2013: Luzern, Switzerland @ Sedel (RSVP)
March 09, 2013: Basel, Switzerland @ Sommercasino (RSVP)
March 10, 2013: Gießen, Germany @ AK 44 (RSVP)
March 11, 2013: Zürich, Switzerland @ Werk 21
March 12, 2013: Koblenz, Germany @ Apparat (RSVP)
March 13, 2013: Illingen, Germany @ Juz (RSVP)
March 14, 2013: Paris, France @ Le Rigoletto (RSVP)
March 15, 2013: Bergkamen, Germany @ JZ Yellowstone
March 16, 2013: Lüdenscheid, Germany @ Midsummer Festival (RSVP)
March 17, 2013: Münster, Germany @ Baracke (RSVP)
March 18, 2013: Leipzig, Germany @ Kulturcafe Manfred (RSVP)
March 19, 2013: Berlin, Germany @ Dazzle Danz Club (RSVP)


“Driving on Promises” Launches January 14th

Next Monday, head to EXOSHOP’s blog to watch our new web series. Every Monday at 4PM, they will feature a new episode.

Lundi prochain, rendez-vous sur le blog du EXO pour regarder notre nouvelle websérie. Chaque lundi à 16h, ils présenteront un nouvel épisode.

 EXO presents Driving on Promises

EXO presents “Driving on Promises”

EXO est fier de présenter Driving on Promises, la web-série documentaire sur The Hunters. Dès janvier, vous pourrez visionner la dizaine d’épisodes directement sur exoshop.com/blog.

Drivés par le feu, le rêve de jeunesse et une passion démesurée de la musique, Dominic, Danahé, Raphaël et William donne chaque soir tout ce qu’ils ont. Autant dans un Club Soda sold out que dans une salle presque vide en Ontario. Ces guerriers de la nuit n’ont pas peur de partir loin de la maison à la poursuite de leurs rêves. Sur scène, ces quatre hommes dans la jeune vingtaine jouent avec leurs coeurs, sans prétention et avec une passion qui souffle un réel vent de fraîcheur.

Tournée plus tôt cette année, la série documente le lancement de leur deuxième album, Promises. Suivez un jeune groupe passionné entre Québec, Montréal, Toronto, London et Rouyn. Entrez dans la vie de tournée.

Voyez les joies et les peines, les hauts et les bas du quatuor de Québec. Entrevues, shows et route… beaucoup de route.

Réalisé par Sacha Roy et écrit par Hugo Royer, la série qui totalise un peu plus d’une heure de contenu vous fera mieux connaître ces quatre musiciens.

À suivre dès janvier 2013.

EXO is proud to present Driving on Promises, the documentary web series on The Hunters. In January, you will be able to view the eleven episodes right on exoshop.com/blog.

Driven by fire, childhood dream and and a boundless passion for music, Dominic, Danahé, Raphael and William gives every evening everything they have. Before a sold out Club Soda or in an empty venue in Ontario. These warriors of the night are not afraid to go away from home to pursue their dreams. On stage, the four men in their early twenties playing with their hearts, unpretentious and with a passion that blows a real breath of fresh air.

Filmed earlier this year, the series covers the launch tour of their second album, Promises. Follow the young band between Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, London and Rouyn. Discover tour life.

See the joys and sorrows, the ups and downs of this Quebec quartet. Interviews, shows and road… long roads.

Directed by Sacha Roy and written by Hugo Royer, the series totals over an hour of content. Get to know these four musicians.

Out January 2013.


They say love will break us down,
I guess we’re all just fucked.
The wind has changed once again,
won’t you please, understand?

They say love will break us down,
I guess we’re bound to fail
It’s that blink of an eye,
What you told me that one time.

Let’s forget about logic and what you’re supposed to be,
Force a smile and seek paradise.
Can we remember what we called real last night
Even when we come back to life?

They say love will find you,
It’s when you wish it’s not.
It’s that ink inside your skin,
This diamond inside your blood.

Let’s forget about logic and what you’re supposed to be,
Force a smile and seek paradise.
Can we remember what we called real last night
Even when we come back to life?

You slowly become a stranger to your friends.
You slowly become a stranger to your family.
You slowly become a stranger to the one you shared everything with.

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